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Take your day back. Dial 60-80 contacts per hour and have up to 4x more live conversations.

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Leave voicemails, log calls and notes, send follow-up emails, SMS and more - in a single click.

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Tap into what's already driving results with pre-loaded scripts, emails, voicemails, and texts.

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With 99.9% uptime and 100% lag-free connections, every contact thinks you dialed them by hand.

Loved by thousands of agents

"137 dials were made and 5 appointments were set in just 1 hour using PhoneBurner."

Zac Twardowski

"2.5 hours on PhoneBurner this morning. 255 calls and 10 appointments by 10:30am."

Jackson Keeler

"PhoneBurner helped me dial 356 times, setting 15 appointments, in only 4 hours!"

Robert Santana

"Yo! PhoneBurner is so awesome. 411 dials and 10 appointments before Noon!"

Jamie Chirio

"18 appointments over the next 2 days on Instant Internet Life Leads using PhoneBurner! Let's go!!!"

Steven Yee

"PhoneBurner put the fun back in dialing again! I look forward to Dial Days now."

Eric Schmidt
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Eric Schmidt overview video

"I couldn't have helped 620 families in one year without PhoneBurner"

How-to setup videos

Make sure to complete each step after watching these how-to videos.

Import your contacts

After learning how to import your data it’s time to import your own contacts. A test contact list is also available.

Complete Step

Customize dispositions

After learning how to create buttons to automatically move contacts into your folders, customize your own button dispositions.

Complete Step

Schedule follow-ups

After learning how to organize follow-up calls so you never overlook a lead, you’re ready to create your own follow-up button.

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Start a dial session

Now that you’ve learned how to call through 60-80 contacts per hour, you’re ready to select contacts and start dialing.

Complete Step

Important: TCPA-compliant internet leads only

Reducing the risk of “Scam Likely”

Before you’re flagged:

1. Register your numbers with the carriers' Spam Monitoring partners:

2. Have local numbers from PhoneBurner?

Complete your business profile to get A-level attestation, which can reduce spam labels.

Business Profile

If you’re flagged:

1. Select the network in which you have been flagged and provide the requested information to potentially remove the flag:

2. Reach out to the apps below to request that your number be unflagged in their systems:

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